I just want to say I am incapable of being racist but there are two cultures Ihatewith a passion. I hate all Hispanic cultures and “thug” or “gangsta” or whatever the hell you want to call it culture so much it’s unreal. I hate their attitude, their music, their food, and their world views. I hate the way “gangstas”  talk. It also pisses me off when someone (doesn’t matter what language they speak but it happens mostly with Hispanics in my country) comes to another country and lives there for years and still haven’t had the common sense or courtesy to learn or at least try to learn the language that is mostly spoken in that country. 

One of the most ignorant and ridiculous statements I have ever heard. I’ll skip the “I am not racist” part and address when people don’t have the “common sense” to learn the language of the country. Let’s just imagine for a second, that you have little to nothing and decide to move to America to provide yourself and your family with a better life. You get here, realize that the government will give you no rights, no paperwork, and no id, (which means no license or any legitimacy) but there are thousands of employers who will give you (no questions asked) work for little to nothing, so you end up working 50-60 hours a week doing backbreaking work at a farm/restaurant/landscaper etc.. just to support yourself and your family.

So tell me, when is this person, who is essential to American business and exploited at any and every turn, going to have the time, means or money or energy to learn english at a rate that meets your ridiculous standards? With no car, no social security card, and no rights?  Even if they had the time, most of, if not all colleges would turn them away. After working 60 hours and taking care of family, when would someone have the time/energy to learn? Rosetta Stone is a couple of hundred dollars for each level, and requires a computer which is not free. Also, who do you practice English with (which is an ESSENTIAL part of learning any language) when there are bigots out there like you at every turn who will call them a spic when they have the courage to try and communicate? 

So please, before you babble on with your ridiculous drivel about not being able to assimilate into American culture, think about how hard that might be, and then ask yourself, after seeing how racist and close minded most people are, why would they want to? 

PS: For someone so judgmental of other people’s english skills, you do have quite a “liberal” interpretation of the rules of grammar and proper English. Maybe someone should be doing a little learning of their own…