Long hair, fuck off

some stills from a doc I am shooting/directing about a man who came to the states an immigrant and has been making handmade leather goods in the USA for 27 years.

To get a motorcycle, or not to get a motorcycle………….

Little thing I made for GShock x Brent Rollins with my friend Mohammed. Brent has been the mind behind some of the most prolific hip hop album artwork in recent memory. 

Fall 2012 // Minolta XG-A 

Summer 2013 // Minolta XGA

I need sleep but will get none

light leakd // Summer 2013 // Yashika Electro

Fall 2011 // Minolta - XGA

Summer // 2013

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”
— Mo Willems  (via drapetomania)

(via goldenoise)

outtakes of A$AP TyY for frank151


Happy new year everyone. Thanks for all the #veryrare memories. (at Mother Earth)